Make your garden solar!

You finally decided to take action and decorate your garden. The right choice for making your garden a warm and welcoming place are precisely solar lights. Solar lighting is a very popular alternative to conventional and costly electric lights, plus it’s an eco-friendly one.

And that’s not all:

Solar lights are simple and safe install by yourself (no need for expensive electricians) and they are very affordable. Not to mention the variety of different attractive garden light models.


Pay attention to

When picking solar lights you have to pay attention to the type of light (path lights, security lights, decoration lights, spotlights, accent lights etc.), the quality of course, the ease of use and value. Another important thing is the battery life. One that wear out after two, three years are probably not offsetting their environmental cost through the solar energy it generates.

Closer look at types

Solar garden accent lights

These light have a relatively low level of illumination and they add an enjoyable glow to your garden. Because of this low light level, they tend have a long lifespan, which makes they very affordable. They usually use efficient multi-crystalline solar cells which can be charged even on cloudy days.

Solar garden path lights

best solar lightThey are made to light paths, walkways or driveways. Here, the user has a wide choice of positioning options in the form of ground stakes, flange mounts, hanging hooks etc. Some models may offer options such as high-low power, colored lenses, or timers.

Solar spotlights

These lights are the class of solar lights which shines the brightest, which normally leads to a high price. They can be mounted in a variety of ways and adjusted to shine in different directions. Another advantage is that they are the most durable solar lights.

Security solar lights

These lights require a solar panel which you will get in the security solar lights kit. Extremely easy to install! You just need to attach the unit on to the wall and put the solar panel in the appropriate place, and the motion sensor will do the rest.

Easy installation

The ground which you have chosen as the bearer of light, may have to be watered first to make sure the stake can be driven in easily. Installing most solar garden lights usually just involves pushing or screwing the lantern into the upright post and then inserting the whole assembly in the ground.

This is one piece of cake. In no time, you will have a beautiful garden which all of your friends will admire.

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