Top 5 solar panels for your home

The WHY?

I bet that every time you open you electricity bill you suffer a small stroke, but you manage to recover, take out your wallet and donate your money to the local power company. This is one of the main reasons why people are deciding to buy solar panels and make their home solar. This long term investment will cost you a lot at first, but is totally worth the expenses. But first you must check several things.

best solar panels for homeHere’s what you need to know

First, you have to think about how much you save by using solar panels, and that greatly depends on the area where you live. Putting solar panels is not suitable for houses in rainy England of course. After you have established your sun exposure, you need to see what kind of solar system you require.


1.5 kW – Powers lights, TV, sound system, all kitchen appliances, computer.
2.25 kW – All of the above plus everything else found in an average 3 bedroom home, except air conditioning.
3-5 kW- All of the above including air conditioning.

Solar system components

Making a residential solar system is not just buying a solar panel. Sure, selecting the right photovoltaic (PV) panel is essential, but you also need to have a controller, batteries which store electricity for later use and an inverter which converts energy stored in a battery to voltage needed to run your electrical equipment.
Also look for:

Efficiency and durability of your residential solar panels. You can’t just buy any cheap panel that comes in your way. Solar panels must be able to maintain a high performance level through a longer period of time, otherwise your investment will be a failure. Solar panels which are made of high quality materials can increase a larger percentage of the sun’s rays into electricity which will provide your humble home with electricity.

Top 5 solar panels for your home

If you are tired of having strokes every month, and you know that you can have a solar system installed, you don’t need to think further. Pick a solar power system and a proper solar panel. Going solar is the future, you might as well join the ride.

Solar panel model Efficiency Durability

HSL 60 Mono Module

Placed in a standard testing environment: 16% efficiency Extremely durable, can withstand the most harsh weather conditions.
JAC M6SF-3 (Cypress2) Module In optimal conditions: 19%

(the best on the market today)

Less sturdy than the one above.
Kyocera KD315GX-LPB Top Module Placed in a standard testing environment: 16% efficiency Built to last, has a 25 year warranty and can withstand most weather conditions.
ReneSola 275W Monocrystalline Solar Panels Placed in a standard testing environment: under 17% efficiency It is lighter but durable.
First Solar Series 4 Panel Placed in a standard testing environment: 8% more efficient Extremely durable.


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