The ultimate fight: Wind Turbines VS Solar Panels

To be honest, in this race there is no winner. You can’t simply state which technology is better because they both have their advantages and drawbacks. But, the better choice for you depends mainly on your location and on what you will apply the collected power. The thing which is common for both is that renewable energy sources are used, from the sun and the wind, and they will save you some money.

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Representing the contestants

Solar panels are made of solar cells, which convert sunlight into energy and can be used to power your entire home. So you will need a complete solar power kit.

Wind Turbines use wind to generate electricity through a wind generator. So you will need wind turbines and a wind generator.

Advantages VS Disadvantages


Advantages Disadvantages
Wind turbines 1. Produce electricity during the day and night

2. Wind generators take up less space

3. Can produce more power for the same price

4. Cost less

1. You need to live in a windy place to achieve maximum effectiveness

2. Not suitable for cities or small lots

3. More maintenance

4. For some, propeller noise

5. Bird hazard!

6. Moving parts wear out

Solar panels 1. Add more panels easily

2. Better for places with average wind speed lees than 5m per second

3. Silent operation

4. Quick and easy installation

5. Can withstand harsh weather conditions


1. Need to be exposed to direct sunlight

2. Expensive

3. Take up more space or land

4. Can break if hit with rock, baseballs etc.

5. Need cleaning

To sum up

Solar panels are the best choice if you are living in areas with a lot of sun exposure as well as in areas where there are a lot of birds. Bird preservation is important and the very impact on the wind turbine will damage it.

Wind turbines are the best choice if you live in a windy area, don’t mind the noise and shadows flickering and what to pay less.

As every system, these two also have drawbacks, but the important thing is that they will most definitely save you some money and you will make you feel good because you are helping your environment. If you are in doubt and cannot decide, there is also a third option: the combination of systems that use both solar power and wind power.

I hope that this brief overview helped in making a decision about taking this big step in your life. It’s almost as if you are getting married and the bride/groom is a solar panel or a wind turbine. Anyhow, good luck in choosing!





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