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Quick guide to solar water heaters 

Why use solar water heating?

This venture can be a rewarding one is more than one way. First by using solar energy you can reduce your dependence upon the utility, as well as the fossil fuel companies that supply it. Secondly, there is no environmental impact from making solar energy at our homes. It 100% eco – friendly!

And the best part is

There are significant financial benefits in the form of substantial decrease in your utility bill. Help the environment and your wallet!

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What you need to know?

Here are the key features you need to consider when shopping for the best solar water heating system for your home.

Size (yes, it matters): Look for a solar water heater than holds enough hot water for your home and water consumption needs as well as how large of a space the unit will take up in your home.

Collectors and circulation systems: A solar water heater holds water in a collector; sunlight provides the heat either directly or through solar panel power. The three most common collector types are batch, flat-plate and vacuum tube.

Certifications: A good indication of performance and quality, look for OG-3000 certification as a standard of excellence.

Most popular solar water heaters

Here are some of the most popular solar water heaters, and also most praised by their users.

Solar water heater Capacity Additional information
Standard Passive Duda Solar Water Heater Attached Pressurized Tank Evacuated Tubes Hot review 300 liters Sun Absorption Efficiency: 93-96%


Natural Current NCS220WEHTR Savior Electric Solar Powered Water Heater,220-watt review 200 liters Great for Pools of water, campers, motor homes, toy haulers, hot food carts, catering, portable pressure washers and carpet cleaning machines, make hot water while you drive!
Passive Solar Water Heater 20 Vacuum Tube with Heat Pipe Technology review 200 liters Since the tubes are not filled with the water itself, this passive solar water heater is resistant to temporary freezing temperatures.
Sunchaser 20-tube Solar Hot Water Heater/collector Vacuum Tube review 150 liters A system of interconnected tubes push the hot water to the tank eventually delivering hot water to a home of 4-6 people living in a warm, sunny climate.
Rheem SolPak Solar Systems review 280 liters Its single tank design takes less space making it a perfect choice for homeowners with limited space.

To sum up

Solar water heaters can provide a great way to save on utility costs and make your home more eco-friendly. However, if you purchase the wrong unit this could create more expenses in the long run, therefore it pays to be informed before making a purchase. So, before making the big decision, keep your eyes wide open!

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